Saturday, 26 February 2011

3 Sided Easel Card by Angel

This Tutorial has been made by Angel
Please go and visit her blog for extra tips and tutorials 

Thought i would just share with you a tutorial for the new 3 sided easel card, i see this demo an instantly fell in love with it, been itching to have a go.
The first one i made i could not post as it was for a DT project, so just the excuse i needed to make another
Here Goes..     THIS IS A LONG POST!!!!


2 sheets of card,
Tool for scoring,
Bone Folder,
Decorative papers,

Take an A4 piece of card, fold an score lengthways at 4 inches.

Once folded in half you will have a few mm spare along the edge, just cut the litte strip off.

Measure from edge 4 inches,  now on the opposite edge do the same 4 inches again.
You will have a slightly smaller square in the middle, with a 4 inch square either side.

Cut along the 4 inch lines you just measured, only upto the middle fold.
It should look like this.

The centre square fold ni half, an score like this.

The 2, 4 inch squares fold up to the centre fold,to create a triangle, then that is it the base for your card is done.
Should look like this..

You now need to make 2, 4 inch squares from card an 1 square for the centre, these are for you to matt an layer, decorate an add your image.

Go ahead an add papers, ribbons or what you wish to use.

Only put tape on to the top corners of the 4 inch squares an front facing part of the smaller middle square, like this.

STEP 10.
These are the decorated squares that you need to attach to the base..

STEP 11. 
Completed card will look like this.

You will need to tease the card a little to get it to stand forward, i found laying them all down flat an re scoring along the centre fold, will help them stand, add a little embellishment just in front of all 3 squares, like all easel cards you need them there to stand..

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial.
Please link back to me if yu use this tutorial, would love to see your creations too..
That's it from me!!!!

Huggies Angel

Cheesecloth fabric flower tutorial

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Spiral paper roses

Hi again another tutorial link for you.. 
This time its from there is lots of information on this site...
The clip below is for rolled paper roses and its the tut that I used for my card.  I used felt instead of paper.  Will add a photo later as its a project for a design team..

Have fun.. 

Twisted Easel Card

Good morning, what a beautiful sunrise we had here today.  I wanted to share with you a link for the twisted easel card that I have been making recently..  

Its by Monica from My many Passions, her tutorials are excellent and very well explained. Please go and visit her blog for more details and inspiration...

Monday, 14 February 2011

Flower Tutorial 1

Flower Tutorial 1
Craft items you will need
·       Tim Holtz Tattered flowers Bigz die from Sizzix
·       Embossing mat or something spongy ( I used a sponge mat that is used for stamps)
·       A big ball embossing tool and something that has a round end (I use the end of a large glue pen)
·       Distressing Ink
·       Small stamps
·       Copics, pencils etc
·       Glitter or Stickles
·       Light weight card
·       Memento ink
·       A wet glue (I use Glossy accents or a glue gun)

Step 1 

Cut out 4 medium flowers and 4 small flowers (you can use any flower puncher you have just as long as it has 6 petals or more).

You can add as many flowers as you like.  I just like to use no more than nine.

Step 2 
Stamp your chosen image on the front and back of all the flowers (if you use copics you need to use Memento Ink).

Using  your distressing inks, ink up the front and back and colour with your chosen medium.

Step 3

Cut into the flower but only slightly just so the petals have a

 slight give.

Step 4

Start with your large embossing tool and gently move in circles starting at the edge of the petals, working towards the centre.    The effects you want to get are the petals starting to curl inwards. 

Now using the large round end of a pen or something similar, work in circles in the centre to make the petals lift even more.  

Step 5

Emboss each flower until they look like this

Step 6

Now comes the fun part,
to assemble start with the one of the large flowers and dab a small amount of glue in the centre and stack the  large flowers on top of each other alternating the petals.   

Step 7

Next assemble the small flowers together so you end up with two bundles of flowers.  

Step 8

Use a dab of glue on the bottom of the small bunch of flowers and stick inside the larger bunch.

Step 9

This is what you should end up with. Add glitter or stickles if you like and your done.

Thank you for visiting me today, hope you found my tutorial of some help. 


I'm setting up this blog to list all sorts of tutorials. As I'm finding it takes me ages to search for the information I might need for different projects. If you have a tutorial that you would like me to add here please get in contact. All I would do would be to list your tutorial, what it is and then a link to your blog/site.